Send Money to Nigeria fast with Transferwise  


How to Send Money to Nigeria fast with Transferwise 2019 (Full Guide)

Send Money with Transferwise


If you are looking for ways to send money to Nigeria, you can quickly do it with a quick transfer. In the past, there was a very tension plan to send money to Nigeria. As you will need to send Nigeria by the third party or send it via Western Union or Managram and will go to the bank with the recipients. With the transferwise, you can send Nigeria to the money and the receiver will get fast and straight into your or its bank account. No need to go anywhere!



What is Transferwise


Transmission is an online money service that started in the UK in 2011. It's available worldwide. And by this, you can send money from Nigeria almost every country without stress. Perhaps, the best thing about transferring is that it is once cheaper than the bank. Yes, in order to send money by transfer, it has become proven to be cheap from a regular bank regularly. Instead of an international transaction, they get it using two local transfers.

The company got public attention for the first time, when the founder of the American Arabab and Venezuela Group, Richard Brandon publicly interested in investing in the company. This money has become the fastest, cheapest and most reliable way to send money.


Benefits of sending money with  transferwise


There are many benefits to consider when you choose to send money in Nigeria.

 transferwise uses real-time rate. Your same rate in Google and other sources in which the transition is being used. No less change


They provide your transfer directly to the bank's bank account within 24 hours in Nigeria. 25% of transfers are collected within minutes. The truth is that they are usually more affordable than sending banks or other transfer services.



Over 3 million people use migration worldwide


Tansferwise is 100% safe and they are managed by the Financial Practice Authority, such as a UK bank.


How to Transfer Money To Nigeria using Transferwise


Here are some steps to transfer Money with Transferwise

 Open a free account


The first step is to make a free account for sending money via transferwise. Click here to sign up with the transfer


The account is free to create. The person you are sending money does not have to be accounted for. Only one account you need is sent.

Sometimes you have to confirm. This is not always a matter, but if you are asked, it should be easy and it will take more than 2 days.f you wish, you can register individually, you can add your business.


Enter your Recipient details


After you are ready to set up and send. Only enter the recipient details to you. You can send money to your family, friends and business partner, you can send yourself money (maybe you want to transfer some money to the Nigeria bank account).

Enter account number and all details. That's all. Your recipient does not need to open the transfer account to receive the money.


Pay for your transfer


You can now pay for your transfer. Payment is very easy. There are many options. You can pay with your credit or debit card, you can also pay by local bank transfer. Depending on what you are sending. To pay with a credit or a loan card, it is advised that if you want to accelerate the money. The bank transfer can actually take some time to fund the funds to send funds.

Relax and wait


That's all. Your payment is ready to go through. If you provide your recipient's email address, they will be aware of the transfer immediately.



Moving to Nigeria, anywhere in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Europe and worldwide, is certainly the fastest and cheapest way to transfer money.



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