Google Adsense Alternatives for Bloggers 


5 Best Google Adsense Alternatives for Bloggers 2019

Google Adsense Alternative


Google Adsense Alternatives for Bloggers is an advertising network that is supported by Yahoo and Bing, publishers allow money to make money directly from Google Adsense like advertising.

This ad network provides simple and suitable themes for your blogs and websites. It also displays ads for mobile phones and tablet users. With +80 billion ad display and +70 million ads click on each impressive (impressive static).


At this time, this advertising network does not only allow all registration but for sites in English only.

The media focuses on providing advertisement services for clients in such developing countries as the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe. If your website is in English and many customers are from the United States, United Kingdom or Australia, they are hesitant to register for publishers.

This is a high-quality advertising network, so your earnings are also combined with the quality of your website.




At present, the most popular advertising website is the revenue. It's easy to attract and use the content of websites.

Registration is also very easy to become a publisher. What's your website traffic and where they come from? If your customers are from developing nations, it can be higher.


RevenueHits is very different than others because it does not pay for every click or display but when the payment clicks in "action". When you click on the advertisement, you have to leave your personal information and pay for it. Many types of advertisements are attracted to many people, yet there are many losses. However, you only need to register and you can get ads instantly despite your blog or website being created.





At present, Popads is a famous website. They specialize in popads.

Your website must be just a good traffic to be able to register, no matter what your site is. If your site is a lot of users coming from the United States or many countries, then it's a benefit to make money.


Advantages of Popads


Multiple websites are approved, no traffic required

Fast Payment, Payer, Wire Transfer via PayPal

$ 5 minimum payment with paypal and ultimate Payoneer, $ 20 with bonus, $ 500 with wire transfer

Ad Type: Pop

The CPM rate is higher than other networks

Your website needs a good traffic, no matter what the content is



High CPA Rate

Depending on the different payment methods $ 10- $ 50 payment

Many payment methods are supported

Advertising speedy

Good help from customers face problems

Many forms of advertising

No limit of equipment

PayPal monthly payments, PEIs, wire transfers, less than $ 20





Google Adsense Alternative for Blogger Adcash is known as the second largest network after Google AdSense. It is at the top 100 largest websites in the world, which shows that many people use it. There are +200 million unique users daily in 249 countries and 20,000 active websites and apps in Adra.

If your website is related to the newspaper, software, videos, Sports, photos,  etc., Adcash is a good choice, and most advertisement websites are in it. CPM and "per click" value depends on different countries. Prices are higher than the developed countries.


Simple registration approved within a business day.

Many ad formats: banner, background, mobile, slide in, footer, full page

$ 100 minimum payment with PayPal, Payier, Scroll, Wire Transfer, WebMoney.

Accept traffic from 196 countries.


5.Propeller Ads


Propeller ads is a popular advertising network that was established in the UK in 2012. Currently, it helps many publishers to make money online with websites.

Propeller advertisements accept more and more websites around the world. He has many formats like video, mobile, banner and advertises advertisements from more and more countries in the world.


Benefits of propeller advertisements:


Simple registration, fast accreditation

Many ad formats: video, mobile, banner, pop, direct

$ 100 less than Payier, Wire Transfer, WebMoney, PayPal

High rates (especially English language websites) can reach up to 70% of revenue compared to Google AdSense

Proper websites: games, software, videos, photos, movies



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