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How to create a free Blog

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Create a free blog
Blogging is a hot trend today, people have to share blogs with their ideas, knowledge, and even make timely earnings with their blogs. If you are very interested in blogging and want to join massively in blogs, you're in the right place. It's very easy for blogging and Blogspot.com is the best free platform for any beginner. Before you create the blog, you first choose the theme or location of the blog. Hopefully, you've decided on your blog location, so here's a step-by-step step to start with blogging.


Blogspot.com, WordPress.com, WordPress.org, Tumblr, Weebly, and many many blogs are platforms, but here we will explain how to start with Blogspot.com (because it's very easy and easy) Absolutely free These features make an ideal platform for new bloggers.


Here are some steps to create a blog on Blogpost.com



Step 1 Start with BlogSpot.com

Step 1 Start with BlogSpot.com



How to create a free Blog and make money To create your blog, go to BlogSpot.com where you can sign in using your existing Google (Gmail) account. If you do not own a Gmail account, you can make it a lot easier.

After logging in to BlogSpot.com, you will be asked to use an identity that is a Google Plus profile or you can choose a limited BlogSpot profile as an alternative. Selecting one of these options is your blogger profile ready.


Once you are shown in the picture, click "Create a New Blog".


Step 2  Choose Your Blog Name

Step 2  Choose Your Blog Name


Create free blog Now, you have to Choose a name and select a domain for your blog. The domain name is the address of your blog so it is advisable to name the domain associated with your blog location. Then you can choose blog designs available from blogger templates that are free of charge and you can easily change the theme at any time.


Important note: A free domain will look like your blog blogspot.com but you can also buy your own custom domain and use it with your blogger blog. Custom domains will be your blog com or any other extension such as .in, .org, .co etc.


After selecting the name, domain, and template for the blog on "Create Blog".


Now your blog has become a success.


Step 3 Blog Settings


Step 3 Blog Settings

how to create a free blog You can change layout and theme settings, create new pages, check your income from the available menu on the right side in the dashboard.


Step 4 Promote Your Blog

Step 4 Promote Your Blog


how to create a free blog Well, as you've made your blog you want to read some readers. You can get readers by promoting your blog. So learn some SEO and marketing social media through your social profile and you'll definitely get visitors to your blog!


Once you've got good hands on blogging and have taken some viewers, apply for Google Adsense to make fewer blogs than blogs. Hope you like this step by step guide!


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