How to make money with Pinterest 2019

How to make money with Pinterest 2109

 Make money with Pinterest

Looking for ways to make money with Pinterest? Instead of seeing Pinterest as a simple photo-sharing network, consider it on your own global bubble board

There are many ways to reduce money with Pinterest, and the network will continue, your opportunities will also increase.

Make Money On Pinterest very Easy

Pinterest is often referred to as a social network, but true, it's more like a search engine. People go on Pinterest to find things, and go to search for things to buy especially!

87% of users have bought something on Pinterest and 93% say they have used Pinterest to plan future purchases.
It means it is natural and natural to promote great products on Pinterest without Spammy.

Is Pinterest Marketing is Legit

For more information, you can look at the Community Guidelines of Pinterest.

Unless you follow the rules, there is no reason to use affiliate links on Pinterest. The right way, you are easily helping to find the products or information that came to the Mentalist. So, how can you start?

Let's look at some effective ways in which you earn money 

1.Create Pinterest Account

If you already have a personal painter account, start with it.

I recommend having a business account. You can change your existing account to a business account. It's free and very easy - follow the instructions here.

 A business account only gives you some additional features such as basic data and analysis. To get a business account, you do not have to become a business or even a blogger.

2.Sign up With Affiliate Program

Now you have a Pinterest profile, you need to improve the PIN from companies - which will pay you.

There are many different companies that pay commission from security. You can think of its own affiliate program with any major retailer.

My Number One has recommended program related to joint venture marketing. ClickBank.

ClickBank is great because it literally covers thousands of different retailers under a program. This means that you do not need to waste time in different affiliate programs. Through ClickBank, you can associate products with art and crafts in the category between fashion, pet, weddings, books, food, and anything.

3.Start Affiliate Marketing of Your Products

Well, so you've set up your profile and have joined some affiliate programs. The next step is to start the product pictures you have to promote on Pinterest!

You can pinpoint the photo directly from the retailer's website, or use the free photo editor, such as canvas, with extra text and other beautiful images.

Just make sure the link to the pin is your unique affiliate link. This means that you will get paid if you buy someone.

If you're using Clickbank, it's very easy. It's actually a pin button on every product page, which lets you pin your photos directly from your site with your affiliate link.

Be sure to use the full, raw shape of a mutual link. Avoid link readers like buttons or beautiful links. Pinterest has advised read readers will not always track correctly, which means you can leave the commissions.

You can promote any kind of product on Pinterest

4. Write Good Description About Pin

When you include a new PIN, there is a place to add your description. Write a valid, detailed statement of your product.

Use many 'keywords' - people who search for those people to search. This will help people find your pin, even if they do not follow you. Find the suggested search terms that Pinterest gives you when you start typing in the search box for ideas.

5.More Pin

They especially like when you re-create popular pins. Seeing other people's popular pins again, your profile is fresh and interesting for your followers, and it looks like a spammer.

This means Pinterest will show your pins often in other people's feeds. Pinterest basically gives prizes to people who share popular things, because they know you're sharing things that people want to see.

So you will see more popular pin pins again, more people will see your own connected pins, and more clicks you'll find!

Kills should try to pinch things many times throughout the day. A Pinterest app on your phone is great for it.

In addition, bear in mind that every pin will not reduce your money. It takes a while to remove some pins, and never gets anything. You can not just pin a random thing and expect a rack in the night at night.


This article contains a lot of information As mentioned above, everyone can start using this method manually for painting a few times a day - but it may take some time to see the results. If you want to handle this seriously, here are some tools and resources that will help you.

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