How to Earn Money Online In India With No Investment


How to earn money online 

How To earn money online in India 2019 - Perhaps you are looking for some easy ways to earn money online in India. There are many ways through which you easily sit down at home and invest in every internet every few hours. The point is, what can you do? Yes, this is the most important question.

So, here we are here to find the best work you can do online with online money investment. You can do this in India or at home or anywhere.

1.Become a Freelancer

 How to earn Money Online If you think you're in programming languages, designs, or even a good marketer, you can easily earn lots of jobs that you earn online. You only have a slight patient and have the ability to learn. 

You need to be a skilled and a good marketer. If you are not good at marketing equipment, then help some of those who have experienced experience in marketing. They can guide you to make an online profile that will help you get started. The important thing is that you need to communicate with your customers through communication skills.


2.Online Work

How to Make Money Online There are several options available online that can help you make money online. You can find a small amount of money like $ 5 easy and easy.

You can help customized users with small services like Upwork, Fiverr, freelancer, etc 

3.Create a Youtube Channel

 Do you know that many people around India are doing millions of people around India? Is not it surprised Yes, but that's true? You only have to record HD video through a good quality camera and then upload it to YouTube with the description of catching it. Try videos uploading topics on trends.

Add Funny Video

Today, people are more interested in posting a video that attracts funny, charming and audience. Or videos that provide valuable information to people through which people can get information like videos for students, housewives, tech jacks, etc.

You can also know about such options on YouTube itself. Many channels show ideas about making money online on YouTube. And also tell you marketing strategies to enhance and link your channel.



4. Make money through Social Networks

 You can not believe it but that's true! You can get lots of money from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Thank you, it's not funny! There are many people around you that almost charge. Rs 20,000 for only one post on Facebook.

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You are the administrator of Facebook pages and can post content on pages on a regular basis. People who are more in entertainment and fashion domains can easily limit their Instagram and Facebook pages.


5. Buy and Sell Domain

If you have decent traffic, rent your webpage. Many people do this. Instead of building your own webpage or website, you can rent a website that has good traffic on it 

Or you are also interested in selling your domain. If you have a decent SEO score or you own a specific domain with special names, you can easily sell it. You can also buy an expired domain and sell them at a higher cost than they need. Domain trading business is actually a bit complicated but you must be skilled to start it. Otherwise, you can lose your money.

Although, if you already have a domain and do not use it, you can try trading on markets like

6.Earn Money By Writing Articles

 Skilled, you do not have to be very good to start with English or an excellent author. You can get started by step. If you write, just write down small articles or blogs. You can also use tools available online, which can help improve your written skills and grammar. To start with, you can use grammar.

I never thought that I would never become a writer. I began to write for my initial blog and got a connection with the words.

Many companies are good writers but it is difficult to find writers writing good writers. You may be one of them. And they pay very well. From every article to 5,000 to 20,000.


7.Create A Personal Blog

  You can easily get through your written capabilities in two different ways.

Write to someone and earn money instantly
Write yourself and slowly earn money, certainly
This is the opposite of an independent job and business owner. Your blog can be your online business, it gives you an opportunity to build your own group of ideas, but even though you continue to have a domain, you will continue to make money.

You can create ads using basic Google Adsense. At this time, you get money when you click on an ad-block.




8. Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing

How to Make Money Online Affiliate is similar to taking a retail store. You need to sign up with vendors like Amazon and Flipkart, depending on your favorite items to get decent money on your website and social media.

You can start registering affiliate associations in Facebook groups, online magazines and write product feedback on LinkedIn, Quota, and Medium.


Creating online money has always been a passion for every home to seek permanent secondary income.

But the best way to get started is to find the best way to get started, most people failed to succeed in online jobs 
After reading this article, I can believe that you will get some ideas where you can succeed after a specific time. Always remember one thing, online money will not be spent tonight and take some time. Work patiently and you will get the right to it

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