12 Best Money Making Apps That Pay $1000 

12 Best Money Making Apps That Pay $1000 plus Every Month

Best Making Money Apps

We spend lots of money to buy our smartphone but we do not use our smartphone's full potential. There are many apps and features that can make our life easier and making money with such feature apps.

There are hundreds of money-making apps on your smartphone and get some good revenue. But here I show you the 10 best top-rated apps that give you more revenue in less time.

10 Best Money Making Apps

Find the best money-making Details for Android and iOS users you can install. They are here



Till the time, Swagbucks will keep remaining apps and extra cash in making America's favorite money, without having to use your computer. Answering the SB, it is very easy to use this app with sigs.

After registering, you can participate in dozens of online surveys during committees or free time.

You can only join the Swagbucks Online Survey community by registering an application.




If you are a heavy buyer, ShopKick is another great app to make money. You can walk into any store and send for a gift card or a coupon.

You're making a purchase when you're making a purchase. ShopKick plays at least $ 2 for your gift card.

Also, the best part is that the app is absolutely clean. For Android platforms, you can get it through Google Play.


The Tasksbucks Online Survey and the Working app are mainly the purposes of residents of India and Indian occupation. It works in the ways of America's Swagbucks style. This is one of the Android for Android applications that is easy to use and allows you to review online surveys, post-product reviews, write the app necessary experiences, and complete other small tasks. 

In return, you are paying money on a Paytm account that can be used for anything from online shopping, which is for prepaid mobile recharge.


One of the best money in making CashPirate apps is to make money easily. Like Mint coins, you can download apps, earn money, try free products, watch videos and refer to your friends.

You earn 10% of the revenue that you can earn from 5% of your reference and refer to them.

#5.Google Opinion Rewards

Google rewards are included in the best money-making apps that do not pay you any cash. However, it gives you a reward with Google Play credit where you can redeem Android apps, Google Music, Books, Magazines, and Movies in Play Store.

Here you can get here by completing a small survey in your opinion about a product. Google graduates for the company looking for consumer experience.

Once you sign up, you will surveys every week and rewards can be $ 25 to $ 1 or more.

#6. Make Money

One of the most money-making apps that can make money can download on any iPhone or Android phone.

To earn money, you can make some extra cash by completing simple tasks, viewing videos, testing free apps, surveying surveys, feedback, testing services, product, and service delivery, and testing tested. Allows

You can also pay for free Beta versions of video games by making money. Your Pay Per Click is paid by PayPal to the minimum payment limit.



A Rewardable reward plays real cash like a money-making app such as Google Feedback rewards that you get a credit. This specific app is for users living in the United States only.

Your work will be completed online or will answer some questions in the store. Your choice can pay you from $ 5 to $ 20. They pay you PayPal.

#9. Check Points

Once again you do not reduce money but get things done things like scanning things in a grocery shop, checking items in a shopping mall, and other accounts.

You also Add points for playing games and watching videos. Later you can get these points with gadgets, gift cards, and other rewards. There is a great deal in making apps for some buyers.

#12.Top Cash Rewards

Top Cash Rewards During salary or spare time, people are emerging as a popular app for making money, which has one of the Top Cash Rewards for Android. You can transfer this app from Google Play on your Android phone. Once you complete the online registration process, you will be invited to make money through different activities.

These activities include ads and ads to watch videos on your smartphone, before checking new apps for their rate and testing their computer before running the beta version of the game. In return, cash rewards offer cash through PayPal and free shopping coupons for many well-known online stores.



#11.Earn Talktime

As the name suggests, you will not reduce money, but you can talk freely using the 'Earn Talk Time app'. There are several ways to get free communication in making apps from such money.

Installing other free mobile apps

If you do not have enough balance, you can get a loan from 'Make Talk Time'.

Earn by signing up on a website

Find Premier Offer

Additional discount on purchase on any site

Answering the election and surveying online

Watching videos

Referring to your friends


Viggle is another app with which you can get some good money. You watch money while watching TV and listening to music.

You get reward points to watch tv shows or listen to music albums. When watching TV shows with Viggle Live, you can get points by completing the polling.




So it was the 12 best money-making apps that you can install and Earn some additional $ 500 to 1000 dollars.

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