How To Start a Blog with Wordpress in 2019

 How to Start a Blog With Wordpress


How to Create a Wordpress Blog

In this article, we will help you start your blog with WordPress (step-by-step). For some reasons, you also want to make your favorite, passion or money to you. However, we should start a blog for our blog that's really interesting.


Start a Blog With Wordpress I think that the dream of this is very fun. But where is the point? You can get very informative information on the Internet and you are upset. Catch, I've just sent a blogging job but you know I'm starting my blog and it's fun since I've started. So do not worry, I'll help you do this with basic steps to run it, I'm easy to understand.


Why should you make a blog for your Self



How to Start a Blog With Wordpress may be your passion or something as you introduced about your (diary), your family, your products, favorite. and want to make money. I think you already have to Know what you are doing Although, we need to create a blog and you'll have a funny feeling when you get started.


Why You Choose Wordpress Platform


Because its most popular blog platform (this is the largest blogging platform in the world, uses more than 40% of all websites/blogs with WordPress). And it includes a ton theme, plugin (more than 45kg), in addition ... to help you design the functionality and shape of your blog (to install them For easy-to-use, easy-to-use and easy to use / also free). We have powerful features with WordPress: SEO friendly, responsive layout, high security, and performance. Anymore, WordPress is great community support so you can easily communicate with them when you are trapped Will help you


There are Five main Step to start A Blog With Wordpress


#1. Choose Your Blog Niche


#2. Choose a Domain for Your Blog


#3.Search a Webhosting for Your Blog


#4.Install Wordpress on your Hosting


#5.Set up and design Your Blog


1. Choose Your Blog Niche


First of all, if you want to start your blog, then you must have a topic or place in mind. This is not necessary but it is very important. Most people begin to start blogging without starting. You need to know what you want to talk about! What's your theme, what do you want to share? Your product? Your place ...?


Whatever you are supposed to be, you are interested in. You may not be an expert in your subject but you will always be able to know more about it. At least, you will be happy when working on it. This is one of the best conditions to help you succeed in your field.


Here are some topics for your reference


Health Fitness


Technical Coding


 sponsor   Posts


Earn Money Online


Social marketing




Finding Jobs










Summary, Your Topic should be according to your Interest for example if your Interest in Sports you must choose a topic about Sports



Choose a Perfect Domain


The next step is to the domain name for your blog. It's one of the most interesting parts while making a blog


Domain Name: Domain Name is primarily your blog URL. For example, the domain name is for this blog

If you are new to start a blog (you do not have your domain available), I recommend you register your domain to GoDaddy, Because Godaddy is a very Trusted website for domain name and Hosting.


Choose A Webhosting for Your Blog


What is Web Hosting? Web Hosting is a service where your blog is stored online. You need a web hosting that will get your site or blogger on the Internet by everyone. There are thousands of web hosting companies offering different types of websites or different hosting of blogs.


All of them are not good, so you have to choose one, but how do you choose the best hosting? At the time of hosting/server selection, in my experience, we should be quality, stability, user-friendly first (easy installation, setting ...), then price.


 Because if you choose a wrong hosting/host server, you will have a headache with your site, many errors, bound bandwidth, lost visitors, customers, slow support .. Personally, I highly recommend for you because I use their services and it's really great


Install WordPress on Your Hosting


For any reason, you do not want to go with Godaddy hosting, whatever looks good for you to choose your own hosting company (most of them, you can install the "One click on the admin panel" Wordpress Will be resolved). But in this article, you will help you install WordPress on Godaddy hosting. I assume that you have signed and purchased services from the hosting of


First of all, you have to log in to your Godaddy account, with the documentation of Cpanel, they have sent you in a welcome email. Then find the "Softaculous Apps Installer" section, you will see the logo and WordPress name there. Click on this, you can easily install Wordpress on your domain using a click-installed solution.


Set up and Design Your Blog


Now your blog is working with WordPress's default theme, you can use it or add a new theme that you can customize. You have to choose a theme that fits with your goals (settings, functions, tools ...). With the free theme, most of them are easy, it works poorly, utility ... it's difficult to customize and design your blog. For better, you can find some premium themes on and buy a theme for about $ 35. This is really great for you to design the appearance of your blog (professional and easy to customize).





How to Start a Blog With Wordpress It's easy to start a blog, but hard work is required to make a success. Therefore, you must set a sufficient time to write a, retain the list of thoughts prepared for your articles and keep yourself motivated with blogging.


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