Make money online without investment for students

Make money online without investment for students

Make Money Online Overview                      

Do you know how to make money online? Anyone anywhere can do anyone with a computer connection with a computer

I have been making money online since 2015 and in the years of experience and research, I thought of finding all the ways in this post that a person can use to make money online.

40 ways to Make Money Online

So here, check out the list here with all the resources that will help you make online money

#1. Make money Online with Easy Jobs

This is the first thing I recommend to anyone who wants to make money online. Micro jobs 

are doing short work like reading emails, completing the survey, watch videos, writing Comments, etc 

Here are some of the most popular sites that I can recommend for a simple online job.








#2. Make Money with Blogging

If you want to make a big money then blogging is just a simple, safe way you can start with $1,000. Money blogging 

I have many blogs, including webearningonline, which gives me a monthly income of 50000 

Although it may take some time initially, once you are an expert, trust me, nothing can be 

like blogging that can give you both time and freedom.

The blog is not a website where you regularly write about your favorite topic. You use some 

marketing techniques like SEO to get traffic to your blog.

As traffic is coming, you can connect your blog to a Google AdSense program or affiliate. The 

passion for blogging and hobby is necessary.

how to create a blog for free by using blogger


#3. Make money Online with Blogging

Freelancing on the Internet is the second biggest opportunity where people get a lot of money.

 There are freelance gigs on the Internet that you can find.

There are dozens of freelance sites that offer you hundreds of different jobs for your customers. You can write, write, web designing, data entry, virtual assistant, SEO, video maker, graphic designing services.

#4. Make money with Google Adsense

Google is everything for me I've made 70 percent of my total revenue due to Google or directly Google.

More than 5 years of age, Google has regularly paid me monthly income. There is not a 

month in the past 5 years when I do not earn revenue from Google AdSense. Make Money With Adsense


You must have a website or blog to make money from AdSense. You can do AdSense ads on your website. 

People come to your site and when they click on AdSense ads, Google charges you 68% of what your advertisers received.

And yes, you can also place ads from other ad networks like Google Adsense, but I'm sure you'll be satisfied.

#5. Make money online with Vlogging


Vlogging or video blogging is where you YouTube from YouTube or other video sharing sites

If your video is special and people like this, you get revenue by sharing with Google. 

Thousands of people are playing their own channel on YouTube.

#6. Make money with Affiliate Marketing

Network-related marketing is where you sell products by-products, such as click bank, 

commissioning Junction etc. Here you find thousands of vendors and sell products to you by affiliate marketing. 

Initially, it is better to start with an early network initially because you can try companies and 

their products in one place and even earn all their income from individual companies. Are


#7. Make money with URL Shortener

You make money with a Google URL reader or a low-cost URL. You must reduce a URL and 

distribute online with different resources.

Once you get traffic and when visitors click on the link, you pay for each click.


#8.Amazon or eBay Seller

The best way to get started has become a seller on e-commerce sites such as Amazon and
You easily earn commissioners on every sale. It's very easy to start, but experience with marketing is very important. 
There are millions of sellers around the world who have made full time in selling different 

things on those sites.

#9.Freelance writing work on Fiverr Upwork


Employees write that you can do online, copyright, past writing, writing content, etc. 

You can easily find written jobs on Upwork, Fiverr, iWriter, etc.


#10.SEO Service Online

SEO or search engine services are very hot. There are companies that are looking for SEO experts who can rank their high rankings on Google. 

If you have experienced and know everything about SEO, go for it. You can start either SEO

businesses or provide freelance services. 

#11.SEM (search engine Marketing)

SME or search engine marketing is SEO expansion. Here you focus on marketing besides

SEO.These two online jobs are very hot and you earn lots of money.

Here you must be an Expert in Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, and more. 

People can pay 10% to 20% of the advertising budget.

#12.Newsletter Marketing

Here you make your client a bomb with daily newsletters. Either they subscribe to you or send you daily newspapers.


You include a sales pitch with the newsletter. You need to know the right demographics of

your client before a product market.

#13.Email Marketing online

Email marketing is also like newsletter marketing, but here you send a letter from your

customers by selling an email. You send thousands of people to the list of people and

change the prospects in the future.  

#14.Email List

It's different from the previous two. Here you sell an email list to the marketers. 

You have to have a database of millions of people who are going to sell on online marketers

However, the database should be fresh and relevant otherwise no one can buy it.

#15.Social Media Marketing

If you are familiar with Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, social media can be used for 

marketing. You may be a marketer who targets social media only.

Companies need a lot of social media marketers.

#16.Social Media Marketing

Similarly, companies need to manage the management of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and even social media manager. 

With social media platform, you have to experience Facebook Like where you can drive a campaign with which you are working

There is a lot of places to handle Twitter accounts of celebrities, companies, or other great 
personalities where you will tweet them and manage followers 

and answers.

#17.Domain Flipping

Buying and selling domains make you rich throughout the night. You have to buy a domain 

right. You do not use it but just keep it up and sell a big player for high rates. 

Domain filing You can sell 10 to 20 times more than your purchase price. For a while, your domain can take you thousands of dollars

#18.Wordpress Plugin


There are companies who want to work with the WordPress theme and plugin want to rent work out their website design. 

You can add some code to it and access the website to your customers.


#19.Coding Services

If you know about coding, you will never run out of clients. Coding jobs are not rare, but how you should know how the code is.

You have to write a code to solve a specific issue or to design a website's functionality. The money here is great.

#20.Designing a website in PHP

Web designing with PHP or ASP will be different from WordPress wordpress code setting or plugin. 

Here you will create a complete website with backup and database. You may also need to 


make a team with the coder, for business and services.


#21. Make money with Transcription job

Transcription jobs are available online easily. You have to copy and write from one source to another. Most of the time you will find medical transmission jobs that pay you well.

#22.Translating Jobs

You can also find translations of jobs where you will translate from one language to another. 

Job translation is minimized compared to transmission jobs.
However, you can still find some translation jobs online.

#23.Become a Virtual Assistant

You make a virtual online by making a virtual assistant.

Here your work will take care of our 

meetings and offers that are kept on a date.

#24.Data Entry Jobs


Data entry jobs are an easy way to make money online. You must change it by typing it in a word file.


 Other types of data entry availability are available.

You have to accruce more than 99% accuracy and have to finish it over time. You should 

always seek legal data entry jobs because the market is full of schemes.

#25.Online Survey Jobs

There are various websites that provide you with the money to fill out different survey forms. 

They pay according to the number of the survey you do.

It takes 5 to 20 minutes to fill a form in terms of the survey. After finishing the survey you are paid.

You can sign up with this most relevant survey sites

#26. Get Paid to Cick Jobs

You can get the payment to click on the link. It is called PTC or is paid to click on the job. You 

only need to click on a link and stay there for 2 to 3 minutes.

You pay a small amount for this particular task.


Podcasting is a great way to make money online. If you know about finance or current issues 

such as the subject, you can record the video and sell it online.

People are ready to buy their podcast video for a few dollars.


Write an e-book and sell online If you know about a particular topic like your puppy, cooking, 

music or marketing, you can create an e-book and make it online for $ 1 or $ 20 each according to your own Can sell.

#29. Make money online with phone Apps

There are various smartphone applications that you pay when you pay. If you use an app 

they pay you after completing one thing.

#30. Selling Online Courses

You can design different courses in the form of eBooks or podcast and sell it online. 

You can become a seller on Clickbank and help other Affiliate Marketers.

These courses can be about cooking, about starting blogging, photography etc.

                               #31. Sell Photos Online

Do you know your mobile camera can get you a good cash? Yes, if you are a good the photographer who can capture quality images through your mobile camera or professional 

cameras, there are sites that are ready to pay for your photos. 

You can send your photos to such photoshop sites and earn money whenever you buy a Photo.

#32.Stock Trading

Stocks, items, and even mutual funds can trade online. Just open an account with brokering firm and start it. 

Stock trading is not new but you need to know about markets otherwise you will lose money.

#33.Forex Trading

Similarly, you can trade through Forex. However, foreign exchange trading is not allowed in some Countries. 

 You trade currency and make a lot of money

#34.Sponsored Post

You can sponsor links and posts on your website and earn money.  
There are people who are willing to pay you a single amount if you allow your blog post to be sponsored by your Website

#35.Paid Sponsored Tweet

You can tweet and earn money from someone else. Allows online sponsored sites that have sponsored tweets.

#36. Facebook Paid to like

You also pay as a Facebook page. Although these tasks are limited however you can search online.

 But such jobs do not pay too much to you.

#37.Ecommerce Site

Ecommerce is picking up the world. You can think of creating your own three-day web site that Sells commercial.

You should not like Amazon but you can start selling your own products on your site. You 

can also check local products that require a large demand but are not available outside of your area.

Another way is to collaborate directly with the manufacturer or distributor to sell it online with your Online marketing.

#38.Network Blogging

You can set up bloggers and subscribe to the money that you want to get within the inner circle 

However, Blogger's network will be a challenge.

#39.Domain Name And Hosting

You start selling the domain name and hosting service. There are many companies that sell the domain and Hosting services

#40.Buying and Selling On Craigslist

You buy items on other sites like Craigslist, Quikr, and craigslist and sell them there. 

You buy cheap price and sell it at high prices. However, to do so you have to experience something about selling online stuff 


So it was the 40 ways to make money online for money.

Do you use any of these? Share your way or experience to earn online money.

If you are not making money online yet, START now in one way.

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