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What is


How to make money online with provided by Yahoo and Bing. You could even call it an AdSense alternative. This can be great for people who are not getting AdSense approval. Its biggest feature is its network of contextual advertising.


.netThis means that the blog you post will be displayed on similar ads. In it, you can also customize your ads. If your blog is in Hindi and another language, you can't use it. It also supports the English language itself. It's also very easy to make money with, and approval for the blog is very quick.


How work


First of all, you must have a blog or website in English For Approval. approval only an English website or blog.


When your blog or website is fully set up to advertise, you will need to apply for it.

After that, you get their approval. Once approved, you can earn money by placing ads on your website.


How to Create Account on

1. First, you have to visit its official website, Media.Net

Enter your details.

After visiting the website, you need to provide some information about it.

2. Enter the Website URL - You need to enter the URL of your website in it.

3. Enter an email address - Enter your email address now

Mobile. mobile number. Enter your mobile number here.

Enter captcha code

4. Now insert the captcha in the captcha box.


5. Tap to start.


6. After you enter your information, click Get Started.


7. You will now receive an email at your email and will be notified that your account approval will take some time.


8. Whenever your account is approved, your username and password will be sent to your email address.


9. Then, you can create ads in Media.Net on your blog or website. So this is how you can create an account on Media.Net and use it for your blog. Pros



It is Free to Join


It is easy to use


The Ads Style is very attractive 


24rs Customer Support Centre


It is Secure and Unique and real Cons


The Website or Blog visitor must Double Click on the ad to Earn


They do not Update Revenue on a Daily Basis


Website or Blog Traffic only from USA, UK, Canda


Google Adsense vs


Google AdSense is a leading advertising company while, which is using Bing and Yahoo! The ads stand in the second position. In other words, more users are expected than AdSense's Therefore, if you are able to generate more relevant audiences from some countries such as the UK and the United States, you will receive a higher commission from the media you receive from Google's AdSense. The main reason you choose Media.Net in place of AdSense is related to the delivery of text-based advertising, which corresponds to the context of what your website's users are reading. In other words, you are more likely to get many clicks on ads and you will earn more.

         Top 10 Best Google Adsense Alternative For Blogger


If you are a blogger and want to know how to make money online. There are different ways to earn any of them by displaying ads and web pages on the website. Many people opt for Google Adsense but they are not to that extent. provides you with the best Yahoo and Bang related ads to make money online. They also provide many feature ads. bloggers with colorful ad units, they will suggest you a lot to make money online. They also show ads that are similar to your website's data. They'll help you display ads in a way that shows up as website data and gives users a chance to click on is Second best Unique and the real source of Online earning for Blogger.


how we create ads unit using


To create ads first we need to select the size for the ad display. Leaderboard-sized ads are used to display the top of the page. We can also adjust the size you want to display. Large size ads are used to display on the footer. Skyscraper size used to display ads on sidebar widgets. There are also two other options for setting size: a large rectangle and a middle rectangle.


Name your ad after selecting the size and select the preferred ad skin design from among the many skins. We can even test preferential skin with other skin to get the best option. We've been provided with a color set on your ads. Color customization options enable you to display great ads in your ads. You can preview your ad and edit it if necessary. We can customize the text of the ads along the border of the ads.


After setting the color for your ad, you can see the button save and receive the code. Save the ad and copy the code into your webpage and display it wherever you want. You choose to display ads. One important thing is that the ads are sticky where you pasted the code. This is the main benefit of it, while Google ads will be constantly changing.

 Dashboard Dashboard will provide revenue and impressions for the last 7 days. It also shows that you are a direct person. If the rate of impression increases, your income also increases. For example, if each impression rate is 5, your income is also $ 5. It will test double clicks and then earn double clicks on the ad.




If you have a blog or Website and worry about Google Adsense is Second Best Source to Display ads on Blog and Website. If your Website or Blog have Traffic  From USA, UK is very best for your Blog or Website.




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