Adsense Alternatives for Blogger and WordPress

Adsense Alternative for Blogger and Wordpress 

Google Adsense Alternatives for Blogger

Google Adsense Alternative When it comes to making money online through blogging and WordPress Google AdSense is a great way to monetize your blog or WordPress. Not only is this a great way, but it's also one of the most popular. But getting approval can sometimes be difficult. And the most painful is the ban. If you have been denied approval or you are banned and you are looking for other sources, we will list the best alternatives to Google AdSense for your blog and WordPress website.

why should we choose Google AdSense alternatives for blog or WordPress website?

Imagine that you have started a blog or WordPress website and you are getting People who are reading and enjoying your content. You are happy but there is a problem. That is, you are not making money from it. So you do research online and find that you can earn money from your blog or WordPress through Google AdSense. You apply and are on the rise, you are rejected.

You apply again, but as a result, your application is rejected. Right now, you feel like giving up blogging altogether. But for no reason, it may be time to consider some of the Google AdSense alternatives.

Example two: Imagine that you have a blog that you are making a steady income with Google AdSense every month. You're happy because all your hard work is finally getting revenge. People are coming to your blog and you are making money. Then one morning if you just log in to your email, know that your Google AdSense account has been banned.

There may be a good reason or some reason you do not understand. It can be very heartbreaking and depressing. You may want to completely withdraw from blogging, but do not need to, it is time to consider some of Google's good AdSense alternatives.

Please understand that this post is not targeted at Google AdSense. In fact, we rank Google AdSense very highly. You can read our article here: How to Make Money with Google AdSense for blogger and WordPress The goal of this page is to help people who are facing challenges with Google AdSense.

Although AdSense is certainly an important advertising network, depending on your niche, you might be surprised to find that some of these alternatives will make more money than AdSense itself. 

Top Best Google Adsense Alternatives


Adsense Alternative for Blogger and Wordpress

Infolinks Google Adsense Alternative is a huge revenue generator that you can use to make money from your blog or website. Over 200,000 publishers in nearly 128 countries use Infolinks to monetize their blogs or website. This should tell you how big and large they are. They have local ads, contextual ads, display ads, and even video ads to help you make money.

They use trusted and big brands such as Facebook, Amazon, eBay and more. Infolinks pays within the 45-day range. Once you've reached $ 50, you can request a payment. They pay to US publishers via Paypal, check and bank wire. But if you are in Nigeria, India, Pakistan, African countries and others, you can get your money through the Payoneer master card.

Adsense Alternative for Blogger and Wordpress is a contextual advertising network through Yahoo! And Bing. When two Internet companies like Yahoo! And Bing is behind a project, you should know that this is huge. Media.NET is widely regarded as the best alternative to Google AdSense and this is very true. Their advertising types are very similar to Google AdSense. is the second-largest referral network in terms of revenue. They give Yahoo! power! Bing Network Contextual Advertising Program. Another good benefit of Media.NET is that they have a large team that supports a lot of publishers.

It takes 2 business days to approve your account.'s minimum payment is $ 100. You can withdraw your earnings directly to your bank account through PayPal or bank wire.

The media network offers both text and display ads like Google AdSense.

But the downside of Media.NET is that they focus more on US traffic and other top countries. To get approval and make money, you need to get good traffic from the United States and advanced countries like the UK, Canada, Australia, and the rest of the country.

3.Propeller Ads

Adsense Alternative for Blogger and Wordpress 

Propeller ads are one of the largest and best advertising networks in the world. Their technology and innovation are amazing! I mean, they invent new technology almost every day.

With Propeller Ads, you have a great alternative to Google AdSense. They give you many benefits that other ad networks do not. You can monetize your traffic even if users have ads!

There are instances where you can earn more from propeller advertising through Google AdSense. If most of your users are using mobile, there is a reason for you to be happy, that their mobile performers are good. They also have pop ads.

They are available to any country from  Pakistan, Nigeria, India, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, any country. You can make money from every country and make money from traffic.

Their minimum payment is $ 25. Another cool thing about them is that you can make your money every week! With Google AdSense, this happens every month, but with propeller ads, it's every week! They have text ads, display ads, pop ads, and a variety of other formats. You can receive your payment via PayPal, bank wire, Skrill and many other options! You can also choose to receive dollars or euros.




Adsense Alternative for Blogger and Wordpress  

PopAds is a high performing advertising network focused primarily on Pop Undres. You know the ads that pop up when you click or leave the website. This is Focus, and as you know, those ads change a lot. They pay attention to all countries, so you can make money from Popads no matter where you are.

One of the great things about popads is that they pay on a daily basis. You can withdraw your money every day. But the minimum payment is $ 5. You can receive your payment via PayPal, AlertPay and bank wire. They have good customer support. You can contact them by email 24/7.



Another Google Adsense Alternative Adsterra is a good advertising network. They focus more on CPM. They perform well on mobile and desktop traffic. And not limited to countries that are available worldwide. They have a variety of ad formats, from banners to pop ads, push ads and more.

They pay regularly and you can receive your payments through bank wire, bitcoin, PayPal, Web Money, and many other options.



Revcontent is a top local ad network that you can use to monetize your blog. Native ads are different from regular text and display ads. Local ads focus on content recommendations. Ads are more like articles than ordinary ads. I'm sure you've seen ads like this on websites. 

If you have a good number of readers, Revcontent can help you make the most money. All you have to do is sign up.

Websites like Forbes use them to supplement revenue, and so do you.



7.Amazon Display Ads


Google Adsense Alternative  Seeing the Amazon Advertising Program listed as a Google AdSense alternative" maybe a little surprising to many, but in 2019 they are one of the most popular choices among bloggers or WordPress to earn a site.


Until now, this was just an Amazon-affiliated program, but with Amazon's native shopping ads and CPM-based ads, they are a great choice for consumers looking for something other than Google AdSense.

In my opinion, the Amazon Display Program is ideal for people who have US and EU traffic. Local advertising, in particular, is similar to affiliate marketing on steroids.


You don't have to be discouraged because of Google AdSense. There are several high-paying Google AdSense alternatives that you can use to make money from your blog or Website. If you have a lot of traffic from the United States, we recommend Media.NET But if most of your traffic is from Pakistan Nigeria, any African country, India and the rest, we recommend propeller advertising.


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